Golf at Lake Metroparks

Erie Shores Golf CoursePine Ridge Country Club


When you think about a golf course, what comes to mind? Tees, greens, clubs, balls, a hole-in-one? Think again. The two courses Lake Metroparks offers represent nearly 300 acres preserved for both nature and golfers to enjoy. Both course provide a fair challenge to any golfer, boasting plush fairways with manicured greens and continuous cart paths. A visit to either course offers a memorable experience. Daily specials during the regular season are offered at Erie Shores Golf Course and Pine Ridge Country Club for seniors and Lake County residents.


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Hours of operation: 7 am to sunset.

Pro's Corner: Spring 2015

"RELEASE" by Tom Weiss, Division Head of Golf, PGA Professional

Grabbing the grip or tightening your hands at impact is one of the most common in-swing errors while simultaneously being one of the worst things you can do while executing a golf shot. Two results will likely occur:

  1. Grabbing the grip will dramatically reduce club head speed. Reduced club head speed will affect the distance a ball travels. As a matter of point, if it were possible to swing a club at 200 miles per hour, the ball would leave the face almost twice as fast as it would if you were to swing the club at 100 miles per hour. There is nearly a one to one ratio, less the resilience of the ball.
  2. The tightening of your hands will cause the clubface to either shut or open at the point of impact. A clubface alignment that is either open or closed as little as three degrees will not hit the average fairway at 200 yards.

Try this: The next time you are on the tee waiting for the fairway to clear, take two to three practice swings on the horizontal (or "baseball") plane. Let your hands “release.” In other words, let your hands do what they are trying to do, which is to let the speed of the club travel down to the clubhead. Once you feel your hands “release” (don’t actually let go of the club) on the horizontal plane with no resistance, make the same conscious effort to repeat that same feel on the golf plane. You will find that you are generating more clubhead speed at the point of impact without having to do anything other than to release your hands. For all you slicers out there, it is extremely difficult to slice a ball if your hands release.