Hogback Ridge Park

Main entrance (south)
4700 Emerson Road
Madison Twp. OH 44057
Lon:81° 1' 50.801" W
Lat: 41° 44' 37.907" N

North entrance
7300 Warner Road

Lon:81° 1' 24.038" W
Lat: 41° 45' 26.301" N

Strong Cabin
4889 Emerson Rd
Lon:81° 1' 51.129" W
Lat: 41° 44' 28.410"

Park information and trail map

Hogback Ridge Park, one of the first Lake Metroparks, is named for its most prominent natural feature: a high, narrow ridge of land bounded on two sides by steep valleys. This type of ridge is named for its resemblance to the bony spine of a hog. The hogback at this park is bordered on the north by the Grand River and on the south by Mill Creek. There are no designated trails on the hogback.

Local history
Local history is preserved in the name of one of the trails: Old Emerson Road. Before any bridges were built across the Grand River from the early 1800s until the beginning of this century, local residents followed Emerson Road across the river and creek at shallow points called fords. The Emerson family (for whom the road was named) operated a mill near the junction of Mill Creek and the Grand River.

Fishing is popular in both the Grand River and Mill Creek. Over 70 species of fish live in the Grand. Many of these also live in the creek. Common game fish include rock bass, bluegill, and small-mouth bass. Steelhead salmon are present in the creek from fall through spring.

Wild and scenic Grand River
Fishing on the waterfall at Hogback Ridge ParkHogback Ridge Park is situated along the Grand River corridor. This section of the Grand has been designated a Wild River by the State of Ohio, indicating that it has had minimal impact by human development.

The trail system includes a 1300-foot accessible boardwalk and overlook deck, graveled trails, and timber steps that lead down into the floodplain. These trails lead through a variety of habitats and varying terrain.

The landscape at Hogback Ridge includes upland hardwood forests, hemlock ridges, and the floodplains of Mill Creek and the Grand River. A great abundance of spring wildflowers provides a spectacular show. Late march through the end of May is the best time to view this colorful display.

578 acres. Picnic area with grills. Picnic shelter. Restrooms. Hiking trails. Fishing.

Cabin rental: Call 440-358-7275 to reserve cabin.

Take I-90 to Rt. 528 and go south for about 2 miles. Turn left (east) onto Griswold Road. Proceed for 1 mile and turn left (north) onto Emerson Road for ½ mile to Hogback Ridge Park.